A common topic that arises within Christian communities: convictions. One of the most powerful things for an individual, yet dangerous in a community, more specifically, a Christian community. A conviction is a strong fixed belief that a person has developed and holds on to firmly. Within Christianity there is a wide variety of convictions held... Continue Reading →

The Real Game-changer for 2018

If you are ever in a public location such as a waiting room or the metro, more often than not you will will find people on some sort of electronic device. Whether it be a video game of some sort, an iPad or the most common one, a cell phone, you will hardly ever catch... Continue Reading →

What Should I Major In?

It is always the bothersome question that is posited towards students during the holidays when they go home to the family or when they meet other students: "What is your major?" It's almost as if a student's identity is fixated on what their major is and the upsetting reality is that in recent years there... Continue Reading →

The unspoken truth about Adaptive Leadership

It is indubitably likely that you have, in some way or another, come across some type of book, article or seminar flyer on leadership. With millions of books on leadership, one would almost confidently assume that either (1) we have so many leaders out there who have much wisdom to share with the rest of... Continue Reading →

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